Kelley Agricultural Historical Museum
6032 West 550 North
Sharpsville, IN 46068
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Information for our guests

Cory and I want our guests to be comfortable and most importantly--HAVE FUN!  Therefore, we welcome you to dress casually and come ready to celebrate!  Upon arrival, please park in the open yard across the road from the barn and farmhouse.  There will be a sign directing you to this area.  The ceremony will take place beside the farmhouse.  Cory's sister Chelsea and my cousin Shayleigh will be waiting to greet you.  We will begin the ceremony at 4:30 pm.  Dave Phillips, who is Cory's childhood pastor, will be performing the ceremony. 

Driving directions

The farm can be difficult to see so we will be placing signs out on Highway 31 to help you find your way.  The farm in directly off US 31 approximately 5 miles south of Kokomo, IN in the small town of Sharpsville. 

Additional information

Tell your guests any additional information you want them to know.
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